Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Does Java need a "Linux moment"?

Does anyone remember that one of the reasons Linux or GNU/Linux (sorry Richard Stallman) was created, was to create a Unix like environment which was free and open to use and not encumbered by the licensing restrictions of the AT&T's original Unix.

With all the stuff happening with Java right now, being a Java developer has become a depressing experience, and it's getting really hard to see a positives for the platform.

Perhaps Java needs it's own "Linux moment".

A Java (but not Java) platform that is free and open and built on the same principles that made Linux a success, with the potential for the same type of success that Linux has enjoyed.

I don't know if it's even feasible, but it's certainly becoming an appealing thought.


Pouel said...

Isn't OpenJDK trying to fulfill this very objective?

Unknown said...

Isn't that what Harmony is?

necronet said...

Greg's Luck had a similar idea under the name of Lava that is a fork of the current OpenJDK, Forking Java also i am sensing a the same feeling around many developers!!

Anthony Whitford said...

With Scala, I don't need Java, just the JVM... Gnu/JVM!? Apache Harmony or Kaffe... Besides, shouldn't a University invent an inspire a language instead of a big corporation?

Pekka Enberg said...

Like GNU Classpath, for example?

There are also several open source JVMs such as CACAO, JamVM, and Jato (the one I'm working on) out there. Unfortunately all projects are lacking developers.

Dandré said...

What exactly is the restrictions which Oracle is placing on the developer community with Java? Is it because of the Google Android debacle that one is cautious to work on Java or something? Just asking out of ignorance.