Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Next Big Java Language; my $0.02

Time to to add my $0.02....

What is the Next Big JVM Language going to be?

I've been watching the whole evolution of alternative languages on the JVM for a few years now. Long enough to start tracing the hype around the different languages.

Yet none of these languages are really mainstream, despite their apparent advantages.

I think the reason for this has absolutely nothing to do with the technical features (or lack thereof) of any of these languages.

I think the NBJL will be the one that large organisation or group of organisations with enough clout and deep enough pockets is actually willing to go out and effectively market both to decision makers and developers.

No doubt Java did strike a chord with mainstream developers, but quite honestly was that more to do with Sun's aggressive marketing campaign or because it of it's many technical merits?

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