Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steve Jobs vs Steve Ballmer.

Ok, this time I really promise that this is the last I write about Apple for a while...

This time however I'm going to compare Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer via the magic of Youtube.

Firstly lets compare the two men think about the nature of what a computer should be:

Here's Jobs, now here's Ballmer.

Now before I continue, it would be easy to write Steve Ballmer off, however during his tenure, Microsoft has become the most powerful technology company in the Enterprise. I daresay Ballmer's stoic approach to computing has allowed to see things in the black and white manner that Business customers understand.

However is this a good thing. Does anyone remember how Microsoft got to the top? Bill Gates understood consumers, and that's how he drove Microsoft to the top. The question is does Ballmer understand them.

Now Steve Jobs is a character of note, and certainly not everbody's cup of tea. He's made some nasty comments about Microsoft and actually seems rather unfair if you ask me. But consider these interviews with Ballmer regarding Apple's iPhone, AppStore and iPad, just as they launched and then read this.

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