Thursday, June 10, 2010

A question for Oracle and the Apache Software Foundation

Time for a Rant.

It's been roughly six months since Oracle bought Sun. And while I know very little about these things I doubt that it's been enough time to absorb a company like Sun whose product portfolio was extensive to say the least.

For that reason I've been pretty lenient on Oracle on the lack of information on Java that we developers have been getting.

After reading this however, my mercy is exhausted. Basically Oracle and the Apache Software Foundation still haven't come to an agreement.

In the mean time it sucks to be a Java developer right now. It's been three and half years since we had a new version of Java, and no new official version on horizon.

I've had more debates about "what comes after Java" in the past few months than in last 5 years.

My question now to both Oracle and the ASF is this: What do you think the long term effect of this impasse is going to be if you don't sort it, what value in Java are you destroying?

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