Thursday, November 19, 2009

Regarding Sun and Java 7 Closures

Here in South Africa we have a colloquial term: "oke". Pronounced "oak" it is basically a casual friendly reference for another male, kinda like "dude".

The word itself is actually from the Afrikaans language and has transferred into daily use by English speaking South Africans males. How it originated in Afrikaans I don't really know, It might simply be the Afrikaans translation of the English "bloke".

Typical usage is normally within a group of friends, for example you might tell your wife: "I'm off to have a beer with the okes" or as a more general reference: "Geez! did you see that try by Brian Habanna! That oke must be on speed or something".

Now regarding Java 7 and closures, I have this to ask of Java's venerable leaders: "Dear Sun, what the [expletive] are you okes doing?!"

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