Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The bride of FrankenStack

Spring killed the J2EE store. And we used Spring to create a FrankenStack.

What is a FrankenStack?

A FrankenStack is a unified framework of many frameworks put together. Basically goo trying to make a whole bunch of third party frameworks talk to each other in an attempt to create a cohesive architecture.

J2EE developers who hop over to Spring enamoured by the possibility of the POJO and Spring create an App server using Spring are especially adept at creating FrankenStacks.

Right but this is a .Net blog.

Anyone who has ever recently worked in .Net will notice the plethora of frameworks which have emerged from M$ in an effort to dislodge Java from the Data Center.

The - non exhaustive - list is as follows:
- SilverLight
- ASP.Net
- ADO.Net
- DLinq
- Xlinq
- Linq
- Atlas toolkit
- BizTalk

These technoligies cover everything from managed components to web services to RIA toolkits to AJAX toolkits to ORM toolkits.

Many of these toolkits are fully integrated into about every aspect of the Windows World.

Basically M$ has taken FrakenStack to the next level: they have created a shrink wrapped Frankenstack.

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